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Who are we ?

Leckie Nature Consultants (LNC) is a family-owned and run consultancy firm. LNC specialises in tourism and conservation-oriented sustainable businesses. The focus is on tailor-made solutions to ensure that conservancies and their enterprises operate successfully within their ecosystem.

Meet the team

Iain Leckie

Iain Leckie is a Kenyan who grew up on a farm in the rift valley. He has a degree in hotel management from Napier University in Edinburgh. Following a twenty-five-year career running limestone quarries, kilns and factories with a staff of over 500, he returned to the hospitality business in 2007. Before starting LNC he concurrently leased and managed the world-famous Lions Bluff Lodge in the Tsavo ecosystem and Diani Blue Boutique Hotel on Kenya’s Diani Beach.

Iain has been an active board member of the charity Kwale District Eye Centre and Chairman of the South Coast Residents Association. Iain's passion is conservation and tourism in Kenya. Iain is a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) at the Bronze level.

Antonia Leckie

Antonia Leckie is a Kenyan; raised on Diani Beach and in the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary in the Tsavo ecosystem. She is a Conservation Biologist with a First-class BSc (Hons) from the University of Nottingham, England, with a strong background in Human-Wildlife Conflict. Her passion lies in connecting research with conservation land management, helping conservation practitioners adapt management practices to tackle conservation problems through community-based conservation. Working with Lion Landscapes in Laikipia, Antonia was at the forefront in training rangers on data collection and analysis systems. Antonia is a qualified FAGASA guide and a member of KPSGA at the Bronze level.

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